Selling your old china online


  • Cleans out your china cabinet
  • Makes you some money


  • Labor Intensive to identify patterns, examine for quality, inventory for the buyer, package and ship
  • You may not make enough money after shipping to make all the work worth it.

Grandma’s Old Dishes Could Be Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Maybe you’ve inherited grandma’s old dishes that no one else in the family wants. They are probably a incomplete set and half of them have chips. Don’t throw it out!

Find out if its worth selling. Replacements, Ltd. based in North Carolina buys old china patterns and resells them to people who may be looking to replace the serving dish that broke when someone thought they were being helpful washing up last Thanksgiving. (We all know someone who’s done something like that, right?)

Match your china to their extensive database and then ask for a purchase request. A buyer will contact you to let you know what pieces from that set they are currently purchasing and for how much. They will also let you know the best way to get your china to them.

*Loudoun Mom Discounts and Deals is in no way affiliated with Replacements, Ltd.

RePurpose Old China

Teacup Planters

tea cup planters
Photo by

We loved this idea spotted at Housewives of Frederick County for using old teacups as planters for succulents. Makes a great gift idea!


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