Using coupons for groceries, dining, entertainment, and services can save an average family hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

3 Things You Should Know About Coupons:


They are like free money.

Using coupons regularly will save you lots of money.


Couponing takes some time and effort.

The more time and energy you put into it, the more you will save. Extreme couponers spend 5-10 hours a week (sometimes more) on their obsession. Convert savings into an hourly rate and you might find that your full-time job is already paying you better. However, spending even an hour a week couponing can still save you money. You have to find the right balance for your lifestyle and budget.


There are many sources for coupons, both paper and digital.

Increasingly, there are also websites and apps that give you coupon credit like a rebate. It is best to experiment with different types of coupons and rebates to find the ones that are easiest for you to use. Personally, I am a fan of old fashioned paper coupons, but I also use digital coupons and apps.

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