How I Make Extra Money with the ibotta app

I really like the ibotta app as a tool for getting back a little extra cash from my shopping trips. The main reason I like it is because it is easy to use and I really have made some actual money using it.

How ibotta works:


Find Offers

Before shopping, check what offers are available where you are going. Most of the large grocery chains in our area are included. (Sorry, Aldi lovers. You can’t make extra money with ibotta app when you shop at Aldi.) There are lots of specialty stores and even some restaurants, too. ibotta offers generic item rebates, too.


Go Shopping

Buy the products you’ve selected. Don’t forget to use your store card and take your receipt.


Redeem Your Offers

Take a photo of your receipt. It’s easy with ibotta. You may also need to scan the bar code on the matching item. I love the distinct “BEEP” my phone makes when I’ve scanned the correct item.


Get Cash

Once you’ve earned a minimum of $20, you can choose how you want your payout. PayPal is one easy way to get your money.


As of publishing this blog post, I’ve made $240.43 buying things that were already on my shopping list.

Here’s what I want you to do . . .

  1. Download the ibotta app to your smart phone.

  2. Open an account. Attach store cards for stores that use them, like Food Lion.

  3. Earn your first $10 easy by entering my referral code TRJGMRJ and redeeming at least one rebate.


Making a trip to IKEA?

If you are making a trip out to IKEA any time soon, join the family first. Sign up on their website and then get your card once you’re in the store. Or, sign up at one of their computer terminals in-store. It is really easy and only took me a couple minutes.

With the card, you’ll get special discounts in the store (which vary), FREE coffee in the restaurant, extra time for the kids in Smaland. When I got my card, I also got a voucher for a FREE ice cream cone that we enjoyed after going through the checkout line. I haven’t been bombarded with e-mails from them either.

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