Today I’m eating a pancakes and guzzling down hot coffee for my mid-morning snack. These pancakes are the best because they taste like they were made in a restaurant. They are hot and sweet and came right out of my microwave oven. No mess to clean up other than the sticky syrup on the plate. My favorite frozen pancakes are made by De Wafelbakkers and I am happy to rave about them to anyone who will listen.

There’s no better marketing for a product than word of mouth from a happy customer. That is why companies love it when their customers share how much they love their products with their friends. You will often get rewarded it for it, too.

Through sites like CrowdTap and House Party, you can test products for free in return for your review or your promise to share the samples with your friends. But, you don’t necessarily have to go through a third party marketing site to get samples, coupons, and other coupons from companies you love. If you love a product or service to point where you’ve already raved to your friends and family over and over, let the company know just how much you love them.

An e-mail or phone call of appreciation can often get you a long way. I once sent a letter (it was long before e-mail was a thing) to Gibson Guitars to tell them how cool one of their ad photos was that I’d seen in a magazine. I asked them to please pass on to the photographer my appreciation. A few weeks later, I received a package with several full-sized poster of different rock stars and their guitars. My favorite of course was that shinny 355, Lucille, with the king of blues himself, B. B. King. Totally cool for a senior in high school. After that, I was hooked on the idea that if you enjoy something, make a little effort to say thanks for it.

But, back to the pancakes. Yes. The coffee taste better right now, because of them. I recently found myself raving once again about them with a friend who was complaining of the mess in her kitchen after making a batch of pancakes. I told her about De Wafelbakkers. I told her how you could make them really easily to go along with an egg and sausage. Yum. Or, heck! Even eat them at 10 o’clock at night for a snack. I even spread Nutella on the mini pancakes while they are still frozen and make cute little sandwiches for my kids lunchboxes (they thaw by lunch time.) So, when I landed on the De Wafelbakkers website on behalf of this friend of mine, the thought occurred to me, why not let them know how awesome I think they are.

I sent a message using their website comment link. A few days I got an mail from Pat, De Wafelbakker’s consumer care manager thanking me for my kind words and letting me know to watch my mailbox. Pat sent me coupons for free pancakes!

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